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IDP’s children in Mogadishu left behind in Eidul fitri celebration

Storyline:National News

IDP's childrenOn the eve of  Eid al-Fitr festival Muslims around the world are preparing to the  event as people mostly children are seen flocking to the markets shopping, but for internally  displaced people’s children  in Mogadishu it is a different case. They say, they are having nothing to mark the day but looking forward to get help from business people so that they fully participate the important day.

Goobjoog reporter Munasar mohamed Abdi visited some camps of displaced persons in Mogadishu, he met parents and children who showed how they need gifts and food before the kick off Eid al-Fitr day.

The children were unhappy because no more day remain to get new clothes to wear and toys to play with.

One of the children told our reporter that he is still waiting assistance from his neighbors and business people.

Abdulkadir Hussien, father of ten children who at that time was struggling to repair a house made of cartons in camp near Somali parliamentary building  stated that the mother of his ten children died already, adding that he was left behind for their care and daily bread “Iam the father and the mother of these children’’ pointing finger towards his children, “they are lucky if I get their daily food, leave alone giving  them  new clothes”

Khamar, mother of six children in another camp stated that she don’t have something to give to her children for Eid al-Fitr happiness, but instead sent appeal to federal government, well-wishers and business community to give a helping hand to them during this important occasion.