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IDPs in former Somali Army barracks appeal to President Famajo for resettlement

Storyline:National News

Mogadishu IDP families appeal to the President of the Somali Federal government to resettle them after they were given a period of 30 days to vacate military barracks.

“We have a grievance. These days impending evictions without prior notice are expected which are not known before. We are puzzled. We are citizens who need to be treated like human beings” said a distressed camp resident.

The displaced families who are mainly situated in Hodan district, Banadir region complained of having no plans as to where to settle once forced to vacate and leave former military barracks.

Many government buildings including military barracks, ministerial and school buildings are occupied by local displaced people since early 1990s which are in dilapidated conditions.

“The land belongs to the government and we are the citizens who celebrated for the new administration and now we ended up facing the barrel of a gun and our families are terrorized. We appeal to the President and the Parliament to come up with plans whether to resettle us or leave us in our old places. Let the administration come to us” he pleaded.

One of the elders of the IDPs Mohamud Mohamed expressed his dissatisfaction on the situation facing them by complaining that since they are the “sons of the soil on the verge to be evicted while the current President vowed to serve the needy and low income people during his victory speech. We appeal to your Excellency to look into this matter and see where plans of evictions are orchestrated from”.