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IED attack kills one, injures two at KM4, Mogadishu

Storyline:National News, Security

One person died and two others were injured in a car bomb explosion at Taleh Junction in Mogadishu’s KM4 stretch.

The driver of the ill-fated Noah minivan died when his vehicle suspected to have been fitted with an improvised explosive device (IED) blew up according to medical sources.

Emergency service provider Aamin Ambulance confirmed the death adding two other people sustained injuries.

The van which was sandwiched between a public service minivan and a saloon car next to Taleh junction went up in flames immediately after the explosion.

An engineer who is reported to have arrived in the country from Pakistan was killed in a similar version barely 100 metres away at KM4 junction last week. His saloon car blew up at around 8.30pm and was immediately engulfed in flames. Fire extinguisher service truck arrived about ten 15 minutes later when the vehicle was all up in flames.

The two explosions point to a change of tact by IED attackers in the city. In the past, vehicles fitted with IEDs rarely caught fire with some occupants surviving with varying degrees of injuries, some minor. However, in recent cases, the IED explosions are almost simultaneously followed by a fire which leaves no chance of survival for victims.