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IGAD Summit in Djibouti

Storyline:National News

IGAD concluded their meeting in the member states in Djibouti, the meeting addressed so many important issues.

Mahboub Moalim, IGAD Secretary-General said that the meeting discussed issues concerning IDPs, refugees and migrants in the region.

He said the focus of the meeting was how to obtain funding for preventing issues and dealing with their problems.

The German government pledged $ 20 million to support the displaced, refugees and migrants, Said the secretary.

“This conference is about how to invest the crisis in the region, and the German government has pledged $ 20 million, and the money is still insufficient, and we have also invested other projects to support the refugees,” he said.

The federal government of Somalia was part of the conference, representing Mohamed Ade Mukhtar, the director general of the Ministry of Labor leading a delegation.

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