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IJA and AMISOM claim victory over clashes in Bula-Gadud

Storyline:National News

The security forces of interim Juba administration together with AMISOM troops, Kenyan defense forces have claimed victory over a clash with Al-shabab in Bula- Gadud of Lower Juba region on Sunday evening.

One of IJA security officials Hassan Shideye speaking to Goobjoog FM confirmed that the allied forces destroyed military vehicles and weapons after attacking the bases of Al-shabab in the area.

The officer added that the security operations will be not confined to Bula-Gadud and surrounding places but the forces will advance to every area under the control of Al-shabab group in the region.

The joint forces have been conducting security crackdown in the region in bid to take over Jilib district.

The recent few weeks Kenyan war planes have carried out air strike targeting Al-shabab bases and training grounds in Jilib district which is a major stronghold of the group in Lower Juba region.

Al-shabab declined to give comment about the clash in Bula-Gadud.