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IJA Applauds New Deal Initiatives

Storyline:National News

IJAAfter the conclusion of two days of New Deal consultation meeting in Baidao, the representative from Interim Jubbaland Administration Ahmed Sheik Abdi has lauded the initiative.

Speaking to Goobjoog in Baidao, the official said he is very optimistic about the prospect of good future with the New Deal. He said the Somali people have finally something to be proud of, that can yield results.

Ahmed said he is looking forward when the next meeting on the same subject will be held in Kismayo, the administrative capital of IJA.

According to federal ministry of planning, all regional administrations would be accommodated to have their say in the disbursement of New Deal developmental projects.

New Deal is an international aid package to Somalia with set goals and targets. It’s a model to help fragile states to recover.

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