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IJA authorities kicks off selection of regional parliamenterians in Gedo region

Storyline:National News

Reports from Gedo region indicate that interim Jubba Administration  has commenced the process of selecting regional parliamentarians in Dollow town.

High delegation led by IJA vice president, Abdullahi sheikh Ismail Fartaag has reached Dollow town on Friday, to attend the nomination ceremony.

Mr. Fartaag has noted the selection of MPs of the upcoming parliament of Interim Jubba Administration has officially started and urged the intellectuals and traditional elders to be keen on the quality of the person whom they nominate as MP.

“Intellectuals are not only from Dollow Town but there are some from districts of the region as to take part in selection of IJA law makers therefore urge them to select industrious MPs for region” Fartaag said,

The leaders IJA have been discussing with people from the regions they administrate, about the formation of new IJA parliament which its members will be nominated by the intellectuals in collaborating with the traditional elders.