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IJA forces and AMISOM advance to Jilib district

Storyline:National News

Reports from Lower Juba  region states that Interim Juba administration forces and African union peace-keeping troops in the port city of kismayo have advanced to Jilib district on Monday.

The joint forces are willing to take over the control of Jilib district and nearby areas that are under the  control of Al-shabab as senior IJA official confirmed to the media.

Kenyan warplanes have recently carried out airstrike targeting Al-shabab bases and training grounds in Jilib district.

Jilib and Jamame districts are major stronghold of Al-shabab in Lower Juba  region.

This comes a time when the speaker of federal parliament of Somalia Mohamed Sheikh Osman Jawari stated that the remaining areas under Al-shabab will soon  be brought back to the federal government’s control.