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IJA Leader Reaches Garowe

Storyline:National News

Delegation led by Interim Jubba Administration Ahmed Mohamed Islam (Madobe) has touched down at Gorowe airport on Saturday.

Madobe and his delegation were welcomed at the airport by the leader of semi-autonomous regional state of Puntland, Abdiweli Ali Mohamed Gaas, his regional deputy leader, Ameey, Puntland ministers and regional parliamentarians.

The two leaders two held joint press conference at Garowe airport before IJA leaders was escorted to the presidential palace.

Madobe highlighting the motive behind his visit said that he come to consult with Puntland leaders and to make discussion with them on the bilateral relations of the two regional states.

Meanwhile, Puntland leader welcomed the arrival of the IJA leader and pointed out that visit will strengthen the relations between Jubbaland and Puntland states.

He added that he will discuss with IJA leader on the nation’s vision of 2016 which the country is expected to help one man one vote elections.
The two leaders have been trying to build strong relationship between the states.

On 7th June this year, the Puntland has backed the decision of Interim Jubba Administration to cut off all relations with Somali Federal Government over the passing of controversial no-confidence motion in Newly formed IJA regional Assembly.

Statement from Puntland president’s office has condemned what it described as the unconstitutional move by national assembly parliament to dissolve Juba regional parliament.

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