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IJA officials together with UN delegates supervise areas set aside for returning Somali refugees

Storyline:National News

UN officials together with Interim Juba administration supervised areas in Lower Juba region where the administration plans to resettle the returning Somali refugees from Kenya.

Luglow, Goobweyn, localities near the University of Kismayo North of the port city of Kismayo and Sa’a Mooja localityare among areas where the refugees will be relocated as Goobjoog correspondent in the region reports.

The Interim administration of Juba stated that security forces will be deployed to the areas so as to maintain security and clearing of buses started.

Other areas in Gedo region  including Bula Hawo and Luq districts were also prepared to give room for proper relocation of the refugees coming back to the country.

This comes days after UNHCR announced that the first batch of over 3000 Somali refugees will be repatriated on 8th of December after they voluntarily registered to return to their respective localities.

UNHCR pledged that the refugees will be given little cash, three months food ration and other basic needs including free medical services as they return home.