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IJA Seeks Resettlement for Displaced Kudhaa Residents

Storyline:National News

kudhaa 1The Interim Jubbaland Adminstration has vowed to move quickly to help displaced residents from Kudhaa to return to their homes after Alshabab was driven out of the island on Sunday.

Many residents has fled the town late last year after Alshabab’s violent takeover, and later on engages in public beheadings to members of the public who were deemed to support the IJA forces.

Salman Ahmed an official from IJA who spoke to Goobjoog on the phone said that the town is almost empty and they should work hard to convince the residents to come back.

It’s believed that Alshabab has deliberately evicted the residents to cover up their alleged illegal activities in the town, which was their only access to the sea.

He further said that IJA and AMISOM troops would move on to other villages near the town to secure the surrounding areas from attacks.

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