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Increase in the prices of food in Bakol markets worsens the dire situation in the region

Storyline:Business, National News

Reports from Bakol region confirm that the prices of food and non-food item in the markets has increased above normal due to low supply brought by heightened conflicts and blockade of major trade routes leading to the major districts.

One of the local traders in Hudur district told Goobjoog FM that the price of food that has been sky rocketing day after day has reached its highest level ever.

He said the rise in the price of food is attributed to worsening food security due to drought and the tight sanction imposed by Al-shabab in the region after joint forces launched operations.

“ Most of the people in Bakol districts who fled from the vast areas of the region cannot afford to buy the available food in the markets” the trader said.

The administration of Hudur district vowed to re-open the blocked roads by Al-shabab in the region so as to improve the accessibility of the major town by humanitarian aid agencies and large trucks transporting essential goods and services.

Hudur administration calls international community and humanitarian aid agencies to deliver emergency support amid dire situation affecting large number of people in the region.