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Information Minister, Mareeye hails Goobjoog News as a role model

Storyline:National News

MareeyeSomali minister for Information Mohamed Abdi Hayir Mareeye has congratulated Goobjoog News on its third anniversary.

Speaking to Goobjoog News, the minister said Goobjoog had played very crucial role since it went on air three years ago  in Mogadishu with a pledge for dedicated service to public service journalism.

“I am here to commend Goobjoog News and its workers for commitment and effortless service the public, said Mareeye.

Meanwhile the minister speaking about the media bill, said the bill is very crucial to media practice in Somalia and will be approved as soon as possible.

He said that his ministry will give the first priority to the stations serving public sincerely and in a patriotic manner.

For the last three years, Goobjoog News has broadcast several unique and quality programmes which have been billed by hosts of audiences as refreshing and redefining radio in Somalia. These programs include parliamentary news, disabled people empowerment, women affairs and patriotism among other interactive and engaging programmes.

Goobjoog News