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Institute Raises the Alarm for “extinct” Turtles in Somalia

Storyline:National News

qubadaThe National Institute of Oceanography of Somalia held a ceremony yesterday in Mogadishu to present its annual report for 2014.

Admiral Farah Qare, the head of the institute who presented the report said that they managed to publish 5 books relating to somali waters , including Somalia sea law and international laws governing marine resources.

He however warned against three imminent dangers facing the marine environment in Somalia “We are informing the cabinet to take immediate action on these imminent dangers facing our ocean, these are degradation of marine resources, water pollution and turtles which are on the verge of extinct” said Admiral Farah.

He said turtles are one of the most conserved sea creatures in the world, “They are endangered animals, its prohibited to do business on turtles, here in Mogadishu we saw the slaughter of at least 3 turtles, this is outrageous and should be stopped, otherwise they would wipe out very important natural treasure” said concerned Farah.

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