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Intel chief Sanbaloolshe reads riot act to government officials over criticism

Storyline:National News

Intelligence boss Abdullahi Mohamed Sanbaloolshe has warned government officials against criticizing the government noting their immunity to prosecution was limited to responsible expression.
The intelligence chief said some individuals in government were bent on spreading negative messages against the government and ‘even wondering why nothing was happening when there were no attacks in the city’.
“There are some government officials in this city who are concerned when an explosion does not happen. They are quick to point out problems,” said Sanbaloolshe.

Speaking Wednesday evening following a shoot-out between forces attached to the presidential guard and intelligence officials which led to death of about four officers, the intelligence head said there were people in government who do not see anything good and are working in the interest of foreign governments.

Sanbaloolshe did not make specific reference to individuals. The warning by the government to telecommunications and remittance companies last week against facilitating transfers of money which end up in the hands of terror groups elicited responses with some lawmakers challenging the government provide evidence.