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Interim Juba administration denies defection of its soldiers to Bare Hirale’s militia

Storyline:National News


The  interim Juba administration in Southern Somalia denied claims that Juba soldiers  have defected to rival militias led by Bare Adan Shire aka Bare Hirale  in the outskirts of Kismayo, the administrative capital Juba administration.

Mohamed Kheyre Dhuhulow, security official of Juba administration described the claims as baseless and far from truth.

He added that no Juba soldiers  defected to Bare Hirale’s militia outside Kismayo.

This comes a time when a spokesman for Hirale’s militia Abdirashid Ali Gaas told the media that unspecified number of Juba soldiers defected to their side.

The spokesman stated that the forces were among the newly trained soldiers by AMISOM that were based inside Kismayo airport.