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Interior Minister Sends Stern Warning to Ahlu Sunna Forces in Dhusamareb

Storyline:National News

OdawaaThe interior minister Abdirahman Mohamed Hussein has came out with smoking gun against the move by Ahlu Sunna fighters to take-over Dhusamareb town.

He termed the move as illegal and broke previous peace agreement between the group and the government which barred all hostilities.

“This move is well calculated to derail the state formation process in Central region, and we would soon act decisively on this” said the minister in a statement run by the State Radio.

He called Ahlu Sunna as anti peace group that should be stopped with all means available.

This is yet the strongest statement from the government, but actions remain to be seen.

On Sunday morning, fighters from Ahlu Sunna overrun the city of Dhusamareb held by government forces who since fled to the town Adado.

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