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Interior Ministry of Hirshabelle Sacks the Governor of Bulo Burde town

Storyline:National News

The Interior Ministry of Hirshabelle has today sacked the governor of Bulo-Burde from the office and appointed a new governor.

A decree from the Ministry of the Interior has dismissed Mohamed Ahmed Rooble from the office of the governor of Bulo-Burde district and appointed Mohamed Fidow Aale as the new governor of Bule-Burde town.

The reason behind the dismissal of Mohamed Ahmed Rooble from the office by the interior ministry of Hirshabelle is yet unknown.

The ministry has urged the locals in the district to closely work with the new governor and his administration.

Security agencies are all directed and District officials work with the new governor appointed to the Mayor of Buulo Burde.

Bulo-Burde is situated along the Shabelle River, and also it is the second largest town in Hiran region after the provincial capital Beledweyne.

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