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Interior Ministry Says Italian Company Would Train Somali Youth

Storyline:National News

Heshiiska Jubbaland iyo CEPOAbdirishid Mohamed Hiddig the state minister for Interior and federalism speaking at the signing ceremony of memorandum of understanding between Italian company called CEPO and Jubbaland Iterim Adminstration has said that the company would also train thousands of youth in different parts of Somalia.

This includes Mogadishu and Baidao and skills training are designed to create jobs for the youth so as to deter them from doing evil things like joining rebel groups who lure the youth with economic promises.

“Jubbaland has the opportunity to be the first state to benefit from this program, but this would extend to different parts of the country” the minister has said.

He urged the aid agencies associated with the New Deal aid pact to accommodate youth programs similar to this and implement things according to stated mission of the pact.

The company would train some 3 thousand youth in Jubbaland in 6 moths time, and was given a vacant land to build training centre in Kismayo.

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