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International community delegates meet Madobe to discuss Jubbaland election process

Storyline:National News

Jubbaland State president Ahmed Mohamed Islam has today received delegates from the International Community led by the United Nations Special Representative to Somalia James Swan accompanied by IGAD officials, African Union Mission in Somalia, AMISOM Force Commanders and other members.

The Jubbaland president Ahmed Madobe was also accompanied in the meeting by his Vice President and the Ministers of Interior and Security of Jubbaland state.

The meeting discussed the Jubbaland election process and how to hold a free and fair election to avoid anything that causes chaos and insecurity in the region.

United Nations envoy to Somalia James Swan asked the Jubbaland government to allow opposition candidates to register and participate in the elections and to amend the criteria for candidates running for the Jubbaland presidency.s

President Ahmed Mohamed Islam has told members of the International Community that he has no authenticity to change the election schedule and that its the role of the Jubbaland Independent electoral committee who have their own set of rules and procedures and the will make their decision.

Finally, it was agreed that they will wait for the Jubbaland elections Commission for their final response to the Jubbaland Elections process.

The visit of the international community to Kismayo comes after Ethiopian intelligence officials have early Thursday reverted to Mogadishu from Kismayo after they were rejected the same demands on the Jubbaland election affairs.

The Jubbaland Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission have yesterday amended the election schedule, with the advance of the Jubbaland Presidential Election to be held on 19th August.

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