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Invest Somalia & Expo conference Opens in Mogadishu


GOOBJOOG NEWS |MOGADISHU: The Invest Somalia & Expo conference, organized by Invest Somalia kicked off in Mogadishu Wednesday attracting participants from both government and private sectors.

Also in attendance are representatives from local and international investors, and distinguished guests from around the globe.

According to the organizers, the conference aims to “promote investment opportunities and highlight the country’s potential for economic growth, fostering collaboration and showcasing Somalia as an emerging investment destination.”

The two-day conference serves as a platform for international, regional, and local investors to explore potential investment prospects in Somalia where participants will be keen on leveraging in the country’s untapped economic potential.

The primary objectives of the conference are to facilitate dialogue, foster partnerships, and promote investment initiatives that contribute to Somalia’s sustainable development and economic diversification.

Invest Somalia & Expo provides a comprehensive overview of investment opportunities across various sectors, including infrastructure development, energy, agriculture, technology, and finance.

Through panel discussions, workshops, and networking sessions, participants have the opportunity to engage with key stakeholders, gain insights into regulatory frameworks, and explore potential investment projects that align with Somalia’s economic priorities.

The conference also serves as a platform to showcase Somalia’s economic growth potential and highlight the country’s strategic advantages for investors, with a focus on promoting inclusive growth, innovation, and entrepreneurship, Invest Somalia & Expo aims to catalyze investment flows, create job opportunities, and drive sustainable economic development across the country.