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IOM Calls for Sustained Efforts to Address Climate Mobility as Floods Displace Thousands in East Africa


GOOBJOOG NEWS | NAIROBI: Weeks of heavy rainfall and flooding in the East Africa region has triggered widespread displacement with hundreds of thousands displaced across Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Somalia, Ethiopia and Tanzania.

According to the UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, so far, 637,000 people have been affected including 234,000 displaced, with the numbers continue rising.

“The unprecedented and devastating flooding has unveiled the harsh realities of climate change, claiming lives and displacing communities. As these individuals face the daunting task of rebuilding, their vulnerability only deepens,” said Rana Jaber, Regional Director, East and Horn of Africa.  

Adding, “In this critical moment even as IOM responds, the call remains urgent for sustainable efforts to address human mobility spurred by a changing climate.”

The International Organization of Migration (IOM) says torrential rains have unleashed a catastrophic series of events, including flooding, mudslides, and severe damage to vital infrastructure such as roads, bridges and dams.

Further, IOM says the disasters have not only claimed numerous lives but have also escalated the suffering of the affected populations and heighted the risk of waterborne diseases.
The Organization stated that it is working with governments and partners to respond to the impacts of the floods by providing lifesaving assistance to affected populations in various countries in the region.

In Somalia, the Organisation is targeting approximately 240,000 people in with shelter materials, hygiene kits, essential medical care and psychosocial support, among other services. 
Africa is highly vulnerable to climate change, despite contributing only about 4 per cent to global greenhouse gas emissions.

The East and Horn of Africa has particularly been impacted by alternating cycles of drought and intense precipitation over the last decade. But this is the heaviest rain and worst flooding seen in decades in the affected countries.