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IOM’s chief mission in South Africa “Anti Foreigners Attacks in South Africa Has Subsided”

Storyline:National News

International organization for migrations (IOM)’s chief of mission in South Africa , Richard Ots speaking to Goobjoog FM has stated that the attacks against Somali people and other migrants in South Africa have dropped down in the past two days.

“The situation is calming down a little bit, we haven’t had as many incidents in the last couple of days as we had in the last two weeks, so we hope the situation is stabilized, and thanks to South African government for helping to stabilize the situation” said Mr. Richard Ots

He added that all the riots are not xenophobic “There are individuals who take advantage of the violence to loot, their are opportunistic , its mostly a criminal activities”  Ots said.

When asked about allegations that certain government ministers may have incited the violence, Mr. Ots said that its a fact that some high officials in the government has spoken in a way that didn’t help the situation, but at the same time other government ministers spoke to the people which helped to defuse the tension.


Speaking about the causes of the riot Mr. Ots said the main factor influencing the recurrent attacks is unemployment which caused some of the jobless people to look for a chance to benefit from the foreigners properties.
Hundreds of Somalis and other migrants have been displaced in the past weeks after anti-foreign riots embarked in South Africa which caused by the death a boy of 14 year age who was killed by Somali man subsequent to the boy tried loot his shop.

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