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Israeli airstrike kill 10 Palestinians in UN school

Gaza- UN school
Israel strike UN School in Gaza

Israel has attacked another UN school in Gaza, killing at least 10 people who were queuing in a line for food handouts as the hostility rose on a 27th day of bloodshed.

UN officials said an air-launched missile hit the gates of the school in Rafah this morning, where 3,000 Palestinians were getting protection from a fresh wave of strikes, killing 10 people and injuring 35 inside and outside the compound.

Bodies lay on the ground in chaotic scenes as wounded children and adults were rushed through the blood-spattered streets in the arms of residents.

The Associated Press news agency said many of those hit were waiting for food supplies outside. Israel’s military did not immediately comment.

It is at least the sixth UN facility to be hit in Gaza and comes just four days after at least 15 Palestinians who sought refuge in a UN school in the Jabalya refugee camp were killed during fighting, with the UN saying it appeared Israeli artillery had hit the building.