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ISWS minister Calls People Of Afgoye To Work With Their administration

Storyline:National News

The administration of Interim South-West State urged residents of Afgooye town to collaborate with the administration as to improve the security and the town to steer towards development.
ISWS minister for education and technology, Hassan Ibrahim Gurmad who visited that town said that development of of a town or nation depends on how the authorities and the residents cooperate.
Gurmad noted people Lower Shabelle region have three ministers in the newly appointed cabinet of South-West state therefore he urge people this region to make use of that chance.
“Opportunity knocks the door at once so make use of what you got and work the government hand in hand to improve security” Gurmad said.
Finally he state that it is time for development and the resident of region should bury the enmity between them and head regional and national progress.