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It is Non-AMISOM Ethiopia troops who have abandoned recaptured areas in Hiraan, says AMISOM commander

Storyline:National News

Ethiopia forces in Hiraan region accused of double standard and abandoning of towns and villages recaptured from Al-Shabab fighters which fallen the hands of the fighters once again, AMISOM official says.

Ethiopians troops and AMISOM soldiers have vacated several localities including Halgan, Gerisyaani, Bu’aqable localities which were seized weeks ago from Al-Shabab fighters.

In an interview with VOA Somali service, Abdirahman Abdow DHimbil, the commander of AMISOM’s sector 4 of Djiboutian contingent in Hiiraan region has accused Ethiopian troops whom he term (the commander) non-AMISOM in the region of handicapping the progresses made so far saying that Ethiopians take orders from their commanders in Addis Ababa instead of AMISOM command.

“We have surprised with the withdrawal of Ethiopian Soldiers from areas recaptured earlier from Al-Shabab, We are waiting for the answer towards this from the Somali government – They are not parts of AMISOM” Dhimbil said.

He added that AMISOM troops would retreat the areas abandoned By Ethiopians soldiers who let the residents of those areas at the mercy of Al-Shabab fighters.

This comes a day Al-Shabab fighters detained and tortured residents in Halgan localities whom they accused of being loyal to Somali government and welcoming of AMISOM troops in the area.