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Italian army chief tested positive for coronavirus



Italian Chief of Army Staff Salvatore Farina has tested positive for the coronavirus and will remain quarantined in his home, with a replacement taking on his official duties. Farina announced he is self-isolating after not feeling well and then testing positive for the disease.

He will be replaced in his role as chief of staff by General Federico Bonato, reported foreign media on Sunday. The coronavirus has been especially harmful in Italy, with at least 16 million people having been quarantined in the country due to concerns over the disease.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has announced the closure of schools, gyms, nightclubs, and other venues in the country to help combat the spread of the coronavirus. Citizens living in Lombardy and 14 other provinces also need to get special permission to travel. The restrictions are in place until April 3.

The death toll from the coronavirus has jumped from 233 to 366 in the country, local authorities said on Sunday. Previous Italian officials to contract the coronavirus include Alberto Cirio, the head of the north-western Piedmont region, and Nicola Zingarett, the head of the central Lazio region.