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It’s unfortunate that Somali government to turn its back on Somalis Yemen says Somali consular in Yemen

Storyline:National News

Somali consular in Yemen




Somali consular in Yemen Hussien Haji Abdi in long interview with Goobjoog Fm expressed his frustration on situation in Yemen and his disappointment of Somali Government response and how it handles on refugee question.
“We were hoping after Garowe meeting Somali President and other heads would go to Bosaso and give those refugees psychological as well as material support so they could feel safely in home but it proved wrong” He said in statement.
He noted that the situation in Yemen complicates day after day for instance 20 liters of fuel will cost you $400 and the most routes to safety are blocked.
“Somali Embassy in Yemen tries to provide direct helpline with Somali refugees escaping war in Yemen but faces shortage of resource” he underlined.
Mr. Abdi added “Somali Government should acknowledge its direct responsibility in guarding the life and the dignity of Somali refugees in Yemen and should allocate half of its resource for saving them”