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Jalalaqsi Administration claims victories over Al-Shabab fighters.

Storyline:National News

Heavy fighting embarked between Somali national army (SNA) and Al-Shabab fighters in Jalalaqsi town on Sunday night, has left casualties of death and injuries on both sides.

The administration of Jalalaqsi district claimed victories over Al-Shabab fighters who invaded the town at about 11pm on Sunday.

The district commissioner of Jalalaqsi, Omar Osman Ma’ow speaking to Goobjoog FM stated that one of their soldier sustained injuries, claiming that they killed three Al-Shabab fighters in the skirmishing.

“The defectors launched offensive on Jalalaqsi town and our forces foiled Al-Shabab’s plan to seize the town, they were drove out having casualties including death of three fighters” the DC said.

Al-Shabab fighters did yet comment on the claims and the Jalalaqsi skirmishes.

This comes a week after the administration of jalalaqsi district and AMISOM officials took meeting on how to annihilate Al-Shabab fighters from the roads they blocked.