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Jawari adjourns parliament session due to heightened tension

Storyline:National News


Federal parliament building in Mogadishu turned chaos ahead of today’s session where the distribution of no confidence motion was to commence, but members of federal parliament started shouting  and making unnecessary noisy and blewing whistle.

The attendance register of the parliament has gone missing a move that has worsened the situation, minute after minute the tension in the parliament building was growing.

The speaker of Federal parliament Mohamed Sheikh Osman Jawari walked out of the hall after the whole area turned disorder and noisy.

Banadir police commander Mohamed Yusuf Madale who reached the parliament has taken meeting with the speaker of federal parliament and his assistants in the building, it is not clear what their meeting was all about but it comes after speaker Jawari walked out of the parliament building due to chaos.

Our reporters say some members of the parliament were carrying placards written with words like “no votes for cash”

The speaker of federal parliament tried to commence the session after meeting Benadir police commissioner but walked out of the hall for the second time as the noise and whistle by the MPs persisted.

Finally the speaker Mr. Jawari officially adjourned the session to unspecified date.

This comes when the United States notes with concern the recent political turmoil in Somalia, saying that actions to put forward a parliamentary motion for a vote of no confidence against the prime minister does not serve the interests of the Somali people.