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Jawari blinks first in duel with Khaire as political turmoil holds

By  T. Roble

Embattled Lower House Speaker Mohamed Osman Jawari has resigned following a month-long political drama that saw African Union forces intervene even as a faction allied to Prime Minister trooped to the House this morning to debate the motion against the Speaker.

Deputy Speaker Abdiweli Mudey who has been at the forefront in demanding his bosses’ exit cut short proceedings this morning to announce Jawari’s resignation which came amid day long talks with President Mohamed Farmaajo Sunday.

Lower House Secretary General Ibrahim Buuh and another MP Mohamud Benebene both confirmed the resignation to Goobjoog News in what could mark an end to one phase of a long drawn political fight but could herald another following earlier indications the Jawari allied faction was aiming its guns on the Prime Minister Hassan Khaire.

Impeccable sources have also intimated to Goobjoog News the long serving Speaker is indisposed at the moment.

President Farmaajo’s efforts to have Jawari step down seem to have borne fruit. Jawari told reporters last week the President was no longer keen on resolving the political dispute but wanted him out

“Since Saturday, the President has been asking me to resign but I refused,” Jawari said last Tuesday.”

“We agreed with the President to allow a ten days window period through which we would find a solution,” Jawari noted. “But the fact that the motion against me has been announced for tomorrow (last Wednesday) means he has blessed it and party to it.”

Indications were clear Sunday both the President and Mudey were still reading from different scripts on handling the political dispute. As Jawari and Farmaajo held talks at Villa Somalia, Mudey was engaging his phone sending texts to MPs to meet today to dispose of the motion.

Jawari has fended off fights pressure from Villa Somalia and what he termed as intimidations from the Prime Minister. He was stripped of his security after last Wednesday’s debacle in the House and has since been under security from Amisom forces.