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Jawari in lone ranger act leaves supporters dazed

It was not immediately clear on what terms Jawari decided to go against his word and that of his supporters but his exit has given Khaire’s camp a momentary sigh of relief

Immediate former speaker Mohamed Jawari casts his vote during the Presidential elections February 8, 2017. File Photo: Amisom

By T.Roble

Professor Mohamed Jawari’s surprise resignation despite a spirited fight to remain in office and insistence he would only bolt out through a parliamentary process seems to have caught legislators from his camp off guard.

All through the over a month-long political circus featuring Jawari and company on the one side and Prime Minister Hassan Khaire on the other subtly backed by President Mohamed Farmaajo, the embattled Speaker maintained he would not budge. But a resignation letter through his erstwhile political enemy and Deputy Abdiweli Mudey this morning left his supporters tongue-tied.

MPs allied to Jawari who spoke to Goobjoog News only said they were shocked. The lawmakers who until Sunday hoped for a resolution of the political crisis and even went ahead to appoint a mediation team woke up to the news that the man they had fought with the whole of March and into April had given in to pressure from the executive.


Jawari who will now take to the chamber as an ordinary lawmaker had vowed never to resign emboldening his supporters to soldier on. He even implored upon the legislators to stand up against the executive in what he termed as a systematic capture of the legislature.

“Instead of mediating the political crisis, he (President Farmaajo) is asking me to resign. I will not resign. I came through the ballot and will exit through the same.”

“I call on MPs not to be politically bankrupt. Each one of you represents at least 55,000 constituents. Your actions and decisions should reflect the interests of those people.”

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Jawari spills the beans, claims Farmaajo pleaded with him to resign

But pressure from Villa Somalia following day long talks with President Farmaajo may have heavily weighed in on the 73 year old lawyer whose time in politics dates back to the Siad Barre era where he served as minister and MP.

A Norwegian passport holder like his arch political nemesis Khaire, Jawari has in the past survived threats of no-confidence motion since he was elected Speaker in 2012. He recaptured his parliamentary seat in the 2016 polls from Digil and Mirifle clan in South West state.


It was not immediately clear on what terms Jawari decided to go against his word and that of his supporters but his exit has given Khaire’s camp a momentary sigh of relief. Constitutional Affairs Minister Abdi Hosh who himself survived an impeachment motion after accusations of undermining the House took to Twitter Monday morning blaring Jawari’s exit.

“It is official that Speaker Jawari has resigned and the Motion has been put off. Whuuuuuf!!!” Hosh tweeted.

But this excitement might not last for long. The political temperatures in Mogadishu are yet to tone down. Jawari’s exit could more than ever fortify the anti-Khaire faction who also include MPs allied to former President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.