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Jawari stepped down unconditionally-President Farmaajo

President Mohamed Farmaajo (L) and immediate former House Speaker Mohamed Jawari address journalists in a joint media conference at Villa Somalia. Photo: Goobjoog TV|April 10, 2018

By T.Roble

Immediate former Speaker Mohamed Jawari resigned without conditions, President Mohamed Farmaajo revealed Tuesday even as his supporters try to come to terms with a battle called off mid-way a day after the veteran politician hung his boots.

Speaking in a joint conference with Jawari, Farmaajo praised the outgoing speaker terming his decision to quit amid a month long political crisis in Mogadishu ‘historic’.

“The decision he (Jawari) has taken is historical one without conditions, and I encourage him to keep on his duties of government and complete the the review of the provisional constitution,” Farmaajo said in his first public address since the motion against surfaced early March.


Farmaajo also thanked Jawari for his service to the nation for the last five decades heralding a new turn of events in Mogadishu days after Jawari lashed out at Farmaajo for lack of commitment to resolving the ongoing impasse

“I would like to salute the Somali people from here and thank Mohamed Sheikh Osman Jawari, for honestly working for this country for over fifty years where he held different positions and he is an expert of law and devoted most of his timeto Somali government.”

Jawari served as minister and MP during the reign of former President Siad Barre which ended with the collapse of government in 1991.


On his part, Jawari sounded conciliatory seeking forgiveness from the Somalia people ‘for the worry and concern in the past few days’.

The former Speaker and also lawmaker from South West state declared the political crisis in the country over noting he would be formally delivering his resignation to the House tomorrow.

“I would inform them (the public) that the issue has now ended and I ask for an apology for the problems which arose as a result of the political crisis.”

Emerging from a bruising battle with a faction allied to Prime Minister Hassan Khaire, Jawari said he had sacrifice his ambitions following advice from various people. Such advice however may not have come from his backers who read textbook betrayal in Jawari’s surprise decision to pull out from the frontline midway.

“I considered the advice from people and took one word which is “one of us has to give up” and that is the decision I made and tomorrow which is 11th  of April I will be back to Parliament for the resignation.” He added he would however continue with his legislative roles as an MP.

The former Speaker who had to field off a joint government force which at some point led to the withdrawal of his security force met lawmakers allied to him last evening but details of the meeting were scanty though sources said the 73 year lawmaker informed them of his decision to quit.