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Jessow: government’s efforts to control illegal weapons should not violate people’s rights

Storyline:National News

Amin essowThe parliamentary committee of interior and security urged the federal government of Somalia to systematically carry out its operations to control the illegal weapons according to law without violating the rights of the people.

The vice chairman of the committee Dahir Amin Jessow told Goobjoog FM that the federal government of Somalia must come up with a legal clear system that differentiates the individuals who possess illegal weapons and those who have legal weapons.

He asked the national security intelligence to make prior investigations before carrying out operations that will end up in total failure.

His remarks comes a time when government forces were accused of  raiding the residential area of Somali MP Abdiweli Mohamed Qanyare in Mogadishu while chasing a war lord who was suspected of possessing illegal weapons, but resulted to gunfire exchange between government forces and guards of the MP.