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JIEBC extend the electoral timeline, set the presidential poll for 22 August

Storyline:National News

Jubbaland Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission have yesterday given a second chance for the unregistered candidates and reopened the candidacy registration timeline for the electoral process.

According to a letter from the UN Special Representative to Somalia James Swan stated that the opposition candidates were given three more days to register and that Jubbaland presidential election which was last week advanced to 19 August was postponed to 22nd August on Thursday.

The latter indicates that the unregistered aspirants were summoned to take advantage of the extended timeline of the Jubbaland election process and to register from 17-19 of August.

However, the Jubbaland electoral commissions previous conditions for the presidential candidates of must not be married to a foreigner must be at least two years in the country remains the same which signifies that some of the candidates cannot meet these requirements.

For the last days, there are numerous efforts to find a solution to the political tensions in Jubbaland election that have prompted an international delegation to intervene to stabilize the situation.

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