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Job creation initiates in Mogadishu strengthens peace and security in the country

Storyline:Business, National News
Rickshaw at KM0, Mogadishu
Rickshaw at KM0, Mogadishu

More and more youth are taking up casual jobs in the capital driving the economy of country and peace forward, according to a comprehensive news programe aired by Radio Goobjoog.

Goobjoog reporter Munasar Mohamed Abdi rode on a rickshaw, the popular public transport locally known as Bajaj and spoke to the driver Abdi Muhyadin Arif who attempted to migrate from the country  for six times.

“I migrated six times to other countries and failed to materialize anything, now I come back to my country, and luckily I am Rickshaw driver, I am earning a good income to support my family” says Abdi.

Talking about the role this kind of job creation can play bringing peace to the country, Abdi says “I am a driver, I move around all over the town, and whenever I see something suspicious I report this to the authority”.

Our reporter visited an entrepreneurial centre which hires motor circles to the youth, the owner Ibrahim Hali Ali believes that creating jobs for the youth is fundamental tool for peace and safety in the country.

“Once the youth is employed and they got income to support their families, this will deter them from carrying out criminal activities or leaving the country for adventurous journey, risking their lives and robbing us from much needed human resources” says Ibrahim.

He points out that some of the youth who started to hire his motor circles are driving their own motor circles.  Motor Circles are convenient transport mode in the face of growing worries about jams and busy roads. They ferry passengers to all over the city in no time.

Khalid Omar Ali, the minister for Youth and sports of Federal government of Somalia, told us that his ministry is busy teaching the youth life skills and then creates jobs for them.

“There are three benefits for the job creation initiatives, first is the stabilization of the country, second is the income generating for the families they come from, and third is the economy of the country which will get a big boast” says the minister.

Thousand of Somali youths migrate to European and Arab countries seeking jobs, this poses great risk to their lives, scores die every day on the shores of those countries. To make things worse, those who remain in the country run the risk of been recruited by the warring groups in Somalia fueling the ongoing conflict in the country.

Experts believe creating jobs for the youth is the solution for the ongoing problems.

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