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Joint forces to await set up of local administrations in captured areas before exit

Storyline:National News, Security
Somali National Army troops in a past operation. File Photo: internet

A joint team of Somali National Army and Amisom troops will keep vigil in newly liberated towns until the government sets up local administrations to take charge, the military has said.

Somali National Army spokesman Abdullahi Iman said the joint Somali and Amisom forces are currently taking charge of recently captured towns of Barire, Zabible and Anole in Lower Shabelle regions pending the deployment of a local administration.

Iman said the federal government and the South West state will soon deploy a local administration in Barire to avoid a gap when they move ahead to capture other towns.

“We need to talk about the wide operations and successful outcome gained by the Somali National Armed Forces with the support of Amisom soldiers including recent success in Middle and Lower Shabelle regions. In the last 48 hours, they captured the locations of Barire, Zabible and Anole in the Lower Shabelle region from Al-Shabab fighters” said Spokesman Iman.

Iman added the security ministry is initiating military plans to retake all the towns under the control of Al-Shabab fighters. “The military offensive is not yet over and we will continue as we wait for the arrival of the local administration and the police officers to take over which is being organized the federal and regional governments.”

He appealed to the local residents to disclose the hiding place of the enemy to the security officers. “The informant will receive education, health benefits and financial help and to live in liberty since they have been under the occupation of the enemy for a long time. I hope these freed locations will experience developments soon like the rest of the country” he added.

Al-Shabaab has in the past managed to retake some towns following the exit of Somali and Amisom forces since there have been no government authorities to take charge.

Somali and Amisom forces Saturday captured Barire location.

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