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Juba administration claims victory over clashes with Al-shabab

Storyline:National News

The interim administration of Juba in Southern Somalia claimed victory over the last clashes with Al-shabab in Abdalla Biroole locality and other areas in Lower Juba region.

The spokesman of Juba administration Abdinasir Serar Maah speaking to Goobjoog FM said the joint forces have manage to push Al-shabab from new areas in the outskirts of the port city of Kismayo earlier on Monday.

Mr. serar added that the allied forces have seized weapons and military vehicles from Al-shabab during the clashes between the sides.

On the other hand reports from Lower Juba region states that Kenyan warplane carried out airstrike in some areas where the allied forces and al-shabab confronted, the exact number of casualties is not clearly known but KDF officials state that they targeted Al-shabab bases and hideouts in the area.

Before two days Al-shabab lost the control of a very important base, Kuda Island to the allied forces.

Al-shabab declined to give immediate comment about the clashes which Juba administration claimed victory.