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Juba administration distribute food to desperate families in the newly seized areas

Storyline:National News

Kismayo administration in Lower Juba region stated that they will deliver emergency support desperate families in all the newly captured areas in the region.

Hassan Hareed, a senior official of Kismayo administration confirmed to Goobjoog FM that the administration distributed food including sugar and flour to families in the outskirts of Kismayo

Official noted that the food aid will be distributed to seized areas of Bulo-gaduud, Qam Qam and Yoontooy localities.

Finally, the official stated the security of the port city of Kismayo and Juba administration in general has drastically improved since the security operations was launched.

He underlined that IJA security forces backed by AMISOM troops will advance to the remaining areas under the control of Al-shabab in the region.