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Juba administration forces arrests two suspects in a massive operations

Storyline:National News
Ciidamada maamula Juba
Juba administration forces conducting operations

Juba administration forces carried out massive security crackdown in some villages of the port city of Kismayo targeting individuals who are  suspected of behind explosions, targeted killings and illegal possession of weapons, explosive devices and ammunitions in the town.

Col. Mohamed Khayre, one of the security officers in the city told Goobjog FM that the security forces apprehended two men who are suspected of behind the recent  explosions in Kismayo.

Col. Kheyre added that the forces also seized an oil tanker that was ferrying fuel to Al-shabab during the heavy crackdown in the town.

The officer finally stated that investigations are underway and will be able to talk to media after investigations are over.

Interim Juba administration forces, in southern Somalia  have been conducting security operations in Kismayo and the surrounding areas under the control of the administration despite planned explosions claimed by Al-shabab in the region.