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Juba security forces claim victory over clashes with Al-shabab

Storyline:National News

Ciidamada maamula Juba

The security officials of interim administration of Juba in Southern Somalia claim victory over clashes with Al-shabab and stated that it has captured areas that has been under the control of Al-shabab.

Ismail Kheyre Dhuxulow, senior Juba security official told Goobjoog FM that the recent clash with al-shabab enabled Juba forces to take over large areas in the outskirts of Kismayo from Al-shabab.

Mr. kheyre added that the operation against Al-shabab in the region will continue until the remaining  areas under Al-shabab will be brought back to the administration’s control.

He also stated that the administration will tighten the security of the areas taken over by Juba administration by the two days fierce fighting between Juba security forces and Al-shabab.

The exact casualties of the clash is not known but Juba administration forces claimed victory.