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Jubaland administration “Eight Al-Shabab fighters killed in Qoqani attack”

Storyline:National News, Security

Al-Shabaab fighters ambushed a convoy of Jubbaland regional state forces heading towards Dhobley district, causing heavy casualties and injuries between both sides on Tuesday afternoon.

The fighting broke out after Jubbaland regional state force vehicle hit roadside explosion following a distractive attack by Al-Shabab on the outskirts of Qooqaani village about 150-km from Kismayo, the headquarter of Lower Juba region.

Jubbaland administration stated eight al-Shabaab fighters were killed and two others injured while two Jubaland forces killed in the attack carried out by Al-Shabab militant.

Jubbaland administration accused the federal government of Somalia for the blockade of Jubaland development following the Jubaland controversial election of 2019 in Kismayo ignored by the federal government.

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