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Jubaland and kenyan forces retreat villages captured from Alshabab fighters.

Storyline:National News

Jubbaland forces and Kenyan troops which managed to take Alshabaab a string of villages  yesterday morning made a retreat to Kismayo after freeing over 30 inmates and dozens of tracks held by the Alshabab. Source confirmed to Goobjoog News.

Jubbland forces and Kenyan troops under AMISOM banner attacked yesterday Berhani, Qudus and Abdi-Dhore villages and easily overpowered Alshabab fighters. Both parts abstained to to tell the number of their causalities to the media but locals said at least five people killed in the fight.

neither Jubbaland nor Kenyan troops did comment the hasty  retreat but  believed to have been cautious a possible counter attack from Alshabab fighters. Alshabab controls most of middle jubba region and some parts of lower Jubba.