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Jubaland President orders military commanders to launch operation against Al-Shabab

Storyline:National News, Security

Jubbaland Regional State president, Ahmed Madobe who arrived Afmadow district in Lower Juba region yesterday held a special meeting with Jubaland troops.

Jubbaland forces officials in Afmadow and the president discussed another new launching operation against al-Shabab in areas under their control and maintaining security throughout Lower Juba Region.

Jubbaland Army commanders also review and showed all assessment, in addition to the last operations and how they prepared to the Jubaland president.

Jubbaland State President Ahmed Mohamed who has been in Dhobley for the past few days met with Jubbaland region officials and discussed with them how the troops can start and strength their fight against Al-Shabab.

During Jubaland parliament 2nd session opening ceremony in Kismayo, Madobe said: “no difference between the federal government and Al-Shabab” accusing the federal government of restricting all regional administrations movements which raised tension high in Jubaland regional state for the last three years.

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