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Jubaland regional state president meets with Jubbaland officials in Dhobley

Storyline:National News

The president of Jubbaland regional administration Ahmed Mohamed Madobe arrived in Dobley town of Lower Jubba region on Saturday afternoon with a helicopter, accompanied by senior officials in his administration, where he was welcomed by military officials.

Ahmed Madobe held a special meeting with the Jubbaland troop’s commanders in Dobley and discussed the latest Al-Shabab confrontation in the region and other issues related to the military operations. Madobe also told the leaders of the Jubbaland Army to accelerate the operations against Al-Shabab in the region and to liberate the areas under their control.

During his stay there, Ahmed Madobe visited all Jubaland military bases and held other meetings with the community living in the area.

Jubaland regional state president Ahmed Madobe cut off the relationship between Jubaland and the federal government after he accused the federal government for interfering during the last 2019 controversial presidential election in Kismayo.

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