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Jubbaland administration to restore operations against Al-Shabaab in the region

Storyline:National News, Security

Jubbaland administration has announced to focus on joint operations mission of the SNA, Jubbaland forces and AMISOM forces in Jubbaland regions to expand the fight against Al-Shabaab and other security issues in the region.

General Mahdi Abdi Salan, the security chief of Jubaland’s president told the media that Jubbaland security officials and AMISOM officials agreed to eliminate the remaining Al Shabaab areas in the region.

He said that it is time to expand the areas of fighting against Al-Shabaab, and which is scheduled to resume the operation in October.

General Mahdi also described that their priority is to eliminate the terror groups and maintain peace in the region and the whole country.

The last Jubbaland security conference held in Kismayo on 20th June 2018 was attended by Jubbaland official’s government forces and AMISOM officials.

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