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Jubbaland deports 60 women who allegedly said to be wives of Al-Shabab

Storyline:National News

Security forces of Interim Jubba Administration have reportedly expel 60 women who are allegedly said are the wives of Al-Shabab fighters from Kismayo town.
These women were arrested from different parts of Kismayo, the capital administrative of Jubbaland according to officials.
One of Jubbaland commanders, Ahmed Arab told Goobjoog News that, these 60 women were apprehended in the recent security operation carried by security forces.

“These wives of Al-Shabab fighters were living in the town and the admistration has decided to take them to the areas controlled by Al-Shabab fighters” he said.

This comes a day IJA forces carried out operations hunt down wives and children of Al-Shabab fighters living in the town.

Somali National Army and AMISOM troops have launched a major security operations to hunt down criminal elements linked to Al Shabaab violating the restored peace in areas Jubbaland state.
Hundreds of Soldiers are seen in the streets of the town as security forces patrolling in the different suburbs of the town.