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Jubbaland electoral commission amend the election schedule

Storyline:National News, World

The Jubbaland Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission have today amended the election schedule, with the advance of the Jubbaland Presidential Election to be held on 19th August.

The new schedule indicates that the election of the Speaker of Parliament will be held on 17 August, while the Presidential election will take place on 19 August next Monday.

The commission’s statement adds that tomorrow on Thursday they will begin the registration of candidates for parliamentary speaker and the election of the Speaker of the Jubbaland Parliament will be held on Friday 16th August.

Meanwhile, the Jubbaland Electoral Commission announced that next Saturday, August 18, the candidates pitch their proposals before the state parliament for consideration as president ahead of the August 19 vote.

The Jubbaland electoral commission on July 4th has issued a Jubbaland electoral timetable with the intent to hold the Jubbaland Parliamentary election on 18 August while the President’s election is to be held on August 24.

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