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Jubbaland leader Madobe urges calm over Gulf feud disputes, calls for talks

Storyline:National News
Jubbaland President Ahmed Islam Madobe. File Photo: Goobjoo News

Jubbaland president Ahmed Islam Madobe has called for sobriety in the ongoing disputes between the regional administrations and the federal government over the fall out in the Gulf Crisis.

Madobe said the disputes were tantamount to destabilizing the country and pledged to mediate between the regional presidents and the federal government adding there was need for respect between the two levels of government.

“These days there seem to be a disagreement in the country; mere talks and finger pointing. I believe that only peace and negotiation can sustain something. Disagreement only destroys. It has no progress and brings no development. Generally we need to respect one another in federal and regional levels and through negotiation, we can reach success and prosperity,” said Madobe.

Madobe’s remarks follow the decision by Puntland, Galmudug and South West states to go their way in support of Saudi Arabia-UAE against the Federal Government’s decision. These states have cited economic, security and cultural ties with Saudi Arabia and UAE and also accused President Mohamed Farmaajo of dragging his feet despite what they termed as his promise to issue a new direction following a meeting in July.

Jubbaland is the only state in Somalia which has not made its position known in the Gulf feud. Only HirShabelle has publicly announced support for the Federal government.

Madobe pledged to convene a meeting in his state capital Kismayu bringing together regional heads to resolve the conflicts.

“This country needs negotiation and exercising harmony on whatever happens. Kismayo meeting is solely about regional leaders to express their grievances against the federal government. Every leader whether in federal or regional level will one day vacate office. What sort of legacy will one leave behind?”

Galmudug announced Sunday it was severing ties with the Federal Government over claims of interference and attempts to remove him from office.