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Jubbaland minister escapes bomb attack, staff allegedly planted bomb on his car

Storyline:National News, Security

Jubbaland Social Affairs Minister Malin Mohammad Ibrahim Thursday survived an imminent death after an explosive device planted on his car was deactivated following tip off from family member.

Five members of his own body guard including a mechanic were arrested following the incident.

The bomb was planted on the car inside the house and supposed to go off as soon as the minister rode to state house where he had an appointment with state president Ahmed Madobe, sources told Goobjoog News.

Speaking separately to VOA Somali service, the Minister confirmed the incident noting that the plan was hatched by people he trusted. “Thanks to Allah I survived the plot. This was carried out by people we trusted too much,” said Ibrahim.

A female member of the minister’s family heard a conversation between a staff member and someone allegedly responsible for setting off the device. In the conversation the staff member said “please only activate the bomb when the minister gets in the car.’

The development parallels an incident in February 2014 when a senior intelligence chief for the Jubbaland administration, Ghalib Isse Kamboni was killed by a relative who is said to have defected from the militant group Al-Shabaab.

Ibrahim is a former member of the Ras Kamboni bridage alongside current Jubbaland president Ahmed Madobe. The two allied with Kenyan forces to drive out Al-Shabaab from Kismayu in 2012.